Merging Mods

August 1, 2014 § 1 Comment

And the two are now one!  Something I’ve wanted to do ever since I found out about Tes5 Merge Plugins by Mator, is merge all my companion mods into 1 so they can interact.  I’d done it with all the minor ones, but still left Anduniel on her own, being the first, the most complex, and the largest.  But now heck with it, they are now for all eternity… ONE.  Anduniel Blog will be phased out and all information for her will be put AnnaFollower Blog with the rest.

Jokes with Darion and Nadina

March 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

Darion and Nadina hang out with me in Azzadals Tears Tavern, drinking and telling jokes.

Gourney Journey – 48hr Film Festival 2008

March 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

I was in this short film, as the cute nurse with short hair. Everyone is an ogre (sort of like Skyrim Orcs, right?).

I’m Baaack!

February 28, 2014 § 1 Comment

Long time no post!  I know this blog doesn’t have many followers, but for those few of you, I’ve been taking a break from modding for a while to have fun in Dragon Age.  I’ve been greatly inspired by the fantastic character development in DAO, and you’ll probably see that in my next mod which I call “Anna NPCs”  There is a separate blog for that here.  The blog is called “Anna’s Followers” but it also includes NPCs that aren’t followers.

As for Anduniel, I’ve been working on an update with several small bug fixes to common complaints, plus 1 new quest for which you must have joined the Companions (both for making sense and the prevent conflict).  Additionally (no guess on time yet) I’ll have a patch mod for Anduniel and Anna NPCs, so she can interact with them.  Naturally, it will require having both mods already installed.  I was not able to merge the new mod into Anduniel due to the navmeshed cells, as the merge tool from Tes5edit cannot copy navmeshes.

Hope you all stay tuned!

Become a Bard Expansion Pack

December 15, 2013 § 1 Comment

The wonderful LP, who created the “Become A Bard” mod, has created an expansion pack for me, adding my songs for the player to play in taverns.  You can buy 3 books from Viarmo and perform my songs!  Choose from 9 vocals and 5 instrumental pieces.  Earn tips from the innkeep, nearby NPCs will start dancing (which is kind of hilarious, as they use the Cicero dance animation), and your followers have a chance of joining in.

Nexus link
Steam link

Merging Companions

December 14, 2013 § 2 Comments

I recently discovered a script function of the new Tes5Edit that allows for merging plug-ins, esps or masters alike.  So, I have merged all my smaller companion mods into one.  That way they can all interact and have quests together, as many have been asking about.  It’ll also be far easier to manage the files, and the merged file will be smaller than the sum of its parts, since the npcs will all refer to the same resources for face, hair, etc.

Once that mod is working smoothly, I might merge them all into Anduniel, and call it something like Anduniel and Friends.  First I’d have to re-link all voice files and face data, etc., all 2000+ lines for Anduniel and several hundred for the other companions.

Children Scenes

November 26, 2013 § Leave a comment


Finally, with lots of help from the wonderful Shrike, the scenes with children are working!  Any time Anduniel is in a town, city, or settlement and near a boy or girl (as long as they have the vanilla boy or girl voicetypes), there is a random chance she will speak to them.  There are 2 scenes for boys, 3 for girls.  The boys’ scenes use vanilla voice files for the boy.

Quid Pro Quo:  (Is that used right here?)  Because of the script used to fire these scenes, they cannot fire if you fast travel straight from one town to another.  You’d have to travel somewhere in between (cave, ruin, landmark, whatever).  But that’s okay, you don’t want to see the scenes every single time, do you?

This will be featured in upcoming 2.5 version, along with several other small upgrades.


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